Gossip From The Mart

Wait'll you hear what somebody told me at the Birther Rally the other day ...

More xenophobic nonsense from the Independent’s resident hick hack, but the real highlight is – of course – yet another gratuitous plug for Dolphin RFC. Oh, haven’t you heard? The hooker on the Irish U20s is from Dolphin, Fergburger’s club. Better find a way to get that in somewhere. Continue reading

Gossip From The Mart

This week’s Gossip From The Mart is brought to you by the letter X.

X is for Xylophone  (from the Greek words ξύλον — xylon, “wood”[1] + φωνή —phonē, “sound, voice”, meaning “wooden sound”) is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden (not steel) bars struck by mallets.  Continue reading

You Hang Up … No, You Hang Up. No, I Mean It. I’ve Got a Restraining Order Against You.

Save Us Obi-Wan, You're Our Only Hope - Fergburger's suggested headline

The Mole isn’t the most quarter-backly of operators [his best work brings to mind the Simpsons daytime movie, ‘Leper in the Backfield’], but he can certainly recognize a media blitz when he sees one lined up on the other side of the press’ line of scrimmage.  Continue reading