You Hang Up … No, You Hang Up. No, I Mean It. I’ve Got a Restraining Order Against You.

Save Us Obi-Wan, You're Our Only Hope - Fergburger's suggested headline

The Mole isn’t the most quarter-backly of operators [his best work brings to mind the Simpsons daytime movie, ‘Leper in the Backfield’], but he can certainly recognize a media blitz when he sees one lined up on the other side of the press’ line of scrimmage. 

Peter O’Mahony has been the focus of no fewer than three headlines in three days in the Inky Rag: Gay Mitchell would kill for that kind of coverage!

My personal favorite would be the one that extolls his Richie McCaw-esque qualities, but there’s also been a comparison with Munster Ligind Alan Quinlan, and this morning he once again takes the headlines over World Cup returnees Paul O’Connell, Ronan O’Gara et al.

The Mole understands how something like this can happen – the guy is the young player de jour in Munster, he’s had a cracking start to the season and has been made captain as a 22 year old. In a fairly conservative outfit like Munster, that’s a hell of a compliment. Last season was supposed to be the one where he broke through, but he suffered a serious neck injury and his coming out party was put on the back burner. With a story like that, it’s not surprising if a bunch of hacks are all climbing aboard and there’s a glut of copy on the same subject.

Eh … except that’s not the case. Not one, not two, but all three articles are written by the Inky Rag’s noted correspondent Fergburger Farrelly. You can’t blame Fergburger for the sub-editing: maybe O’Mahony has another fan in the Inky Rag’s Sports Dept – they’ve been the official Liginds’ fanzine for over a decade, after all.

However, you’ve got to laugh when you recall Fergburger’s “camp” assessment of the Dusautoir-led French “holdsy-handsy” response to the Haka: it looks like he’s got a fairly serious man-crush of his own on O’Mahony!

4 thoughts on “You Hang Up … No, You Hang Up. No, I Mean It. I’ve Got a Restraining Order Against You.

  1. Move over Ian Nagle, there’s a new hype in town. Haven’t seen too much of O’Mahony in action, but I’m thinking he’s going to be starting their big games this year, probably alongside Donncha Ryan and either Caughlan or Leamy in the back row. It’s a long way from Quinlan-Wally-Foley, so a lot of hope is going to be pinned on O’Mahony, because after him they’ve only Niall Ronan to play 7, and he’s useless as we all know.

    Typically feverish stuff from Farrelly.

  2. Farrelly is a hack but to be fair it was Brian Walsh made the Richie McCaw comparison. Slghtly overblown alright although POM is certainly a ‘talking horse’.

    Will be interesting to see how he gets on at HEC level, until then Im sitting on the fence.

    McCaw probably had 20 caps at an equivalent stage of his career including a tri nations victory and a Super rugby title under his belt. POM might be some distance from a first cap Id guess.

  3. You’re baiting me here Palla as you know I’m a big advocate of ronan! It’s not that bad, I’d love to know the back story between you guys and HF though! If those articles had been spaced out over a month it would be fine, but as it is the fella does come across a bit schoolgirl giddyish. I’d say niall ronan won’t be rushing to any more interviews either as he has basically used his quotes to try and give someone else the 7 jumper! Anyway its had an effect on me, I’ll be keeping an eye on POM to see if he could be the missing link….at least in the pack. I wouldn’t like to put a bet on who will wear the 6 nations 7: SOB, Jenno, Heaslip, Ryan, Ruddock, or indeed someone else emerging. The Welsh thing will now be in vogue, whether or not it is true.

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