DM Hall Of Fame Inductee #3: Zinzan Brooke

The Complete Footballer

The Dutch are credited with creating the idea of ‘Total Football’, where each player could perform the roles of others on the pitch and therefore understood the requirements of the team. If ever there was a player who encapsulated the idea of ‘Total Rugby’, it was Zinzan Valentine Brooke.
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DM Hall Of Fame Inductee #2: André Joubert – The Rolls Royce Of Fullbacks

André Joubert – The Rolls Royce of Fullbacks

Back when I were a lad … there was this South African fullback who scored six tries in a tour match against Swansea. They called him ‘The Rolls Royce of Fullbacks’, and his name was André Joubert.  Continue reading

DM Hall Of Fame Inductee #1

The Mole has his favourites. Everybody does; I think that’s fair to say. Players you grew up watching on TV before you even had played a game of rugby, players who played in your position and you idolised as a kid, guys who played at your club or were in your school in the years ahead of you and went on to play for Ireland.  Continue reading