Digging Like A Demented Mole is a rugby blog run by a bunch of rugby fans, nerds, enthusiasts and players.

The name is derived from a classic bit of commentary from Hawick’s own Bill McLaren that was made famous in the inimitable Jonah Lomu Rugby game on the Playstation.

We hope you enjoy reading and encourage you to give us your thoughts.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the site guys. Very clever and funny. Being neither, I’ll point out that Bill McLaren was from Hawick, not Hewick. I’m sure that’s just a typo judging by the level of insight and understanding of the game displayed elsewhere.

    I’m not sure if I agree with you about Richie Gray. He has some skills but he looks a few stones too light just yet to be considered Matfield’s heir apparent as the world’s best middle of the line jumper. Spot on about Hinesy though, my mate from the Manly Marlins.

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  3. Hurry back. Pure class dripping from every word of your analysis. I knew that “a bunch of rugby fans, nerds, enthusiasts and players” was likely just one guy.

    Do you take requests? On topics for analysis I mean.

  4. You lads are a joke. Latest podcast (#15) 2 minutes in, castigating Munster – “you don’t like the laws of the game because they apply to your team, you may as well not follow the game of rugby.”

    Not two minutes later, talking about Leinster’s constant infringement at the scrum under their own posts, “it’s not clear to me what was wrong with those scrums…you can have too many laws at scrums.”

    You permanently give out like you’re the only reasonable and honest pundits, but you’re total gobshites.

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