4 thoughts on “Gossip From The Mart: Beyond Parody

  1. “Strange happenings in the final
    2. France’s ‘holdy-handsy’ response to the haka — never has an act of aggression looked so camp.”

    Camp? Camp?! You’re ‘avin a giraffe….
    The French choreography for the haka was perfect.

    Maybe the lady doth protest too much:

    “What women want …
    1. Thierry Dusautoir — you would. We all would.
    2. Mike Phillips — you don’t want him on your pub quiz team but the Welshman is very easy on the eye.
    3. Cory Jane — gives off that ‘mother me’ vibe the broads cannot resist.”

      • Well done Mole (though my uncle’s nephew could’ve done better), and where will you now delve? Athlone GC has your cousins already, and the Dail Eireann lawns are bumpy (Minister V got a nudge in the Green Room after Leinster came good {IT today} and while you’ve missed the Blog Awards, you may get an Oscar in December if you can open at x cinemas before Steeven’s Day – another prop pooping the no.10 party for prettiest player of the Tourny, Bruce! But – distracted as we were by WC NZ 2011 – we all missed the greatest defense, as it happened in LA – hence the “s” not “c” – (better in my view than France in Eden) on Sky, by those heroic professionals explaining the True Meaning of Propofol (adieu Michael!) to Dr Conrad’s lawyers: the drug that many readers {blogees?} have had sliding to their hip / knee / nose (“pre-nup, Ma’am, when I return from the Front”) and even uterus (What An Audience!) jobs in the interim. But where is the beautiful game in all this? Well, it is resting – until, that is, opening time in the Palindrome (*viv*) for the return of (most of) the Legends on November 7th when Munster and Leinster meet.
        Thank you Mole. Do not hibernate too long. There is the matter of conversions at Tarsus – Dominic R to 12 – if Patrick L (TCD), his alma mater-ite, can do it? – Tommy B to 13, and any takers for some Irish kid with a stroke volume of african blood for a wingmanship? Elom Enod llew, as they’d say in the Valleys (or in Hobbit Land), or just backwards!

  2. Ladm…that was cosmic. However you have no hope of convincing mole about the merits of dom Ryan at 12. He does love his playmaking inside centres. One suspects James o’Connor may be the new Matt giteau man crush. Joking mole, I agreed totally about gits and liked your “at least one Phil danaher too many” line. Just should be wary of having one side stepping, b bopping jack in the box too many too though.

    By the way “seen one haka.seen them all” ?? Not sure about that one. Although i don’t like the way new Zealand get very uppity that you have to.stand and behave in a way to their liking. It’s a bit rich and controlling. Somebody should have told Craig joubert that you can do your own thing after the haka though and not just continue to behave in a way that pleases NZ…. i.e ignore a collapsed scrum 30 yards out 2 minutes from the final whistle.

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