Gossip From The Mart: Parochialism Abú!

Fergburger on nationalism, localism, parochialism, jingoism etc.

If there’s one thing Fergburger doesn’t like, it’s Johnny Foreigners.

“No sporting occasion has gripped the Irish nation with such ferocity as the soccer team’s exploits at Italia ’90. For a minor soccer-playing nation to reach the quarter-finals and lose narrowly to hosts Italy was a remarkable achievement. But, for some of us, the memory is diluted by the fact it was not a truly Irish accomplishment …”


Fergburger manages to take his nose out of the trough for long enough to tell us that “there’s a more wholesome feel” to this team because they were born and raised in Ireland. Durrrrr, det Mettie Holland useta speak funny, biy! Dehr musta bin sumthin’ seedy abou’him.

Our burger-fed scribe is delighted that people with funny accents aren’t playing for Ireland. Sure, the likes of Justin Bishop and Kevin Maggs gave their all when they turned out in the green jersey … “but it cannot be denied that there is a more wholesome feel to a team of home-grown players representing their national side.”

“Wholesome”? Wholesome.

To subject yourself to some more inane, parochial drivel, click the link.

3 thoughts on “Gossip From The Mart: Parochialism Abú!

  1. Who would have thought the final solution would be to ignore the English based players, except murphy and musy. At least that is mein kempf.

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