Joe Duffy On Speed-dial

“It’s nothing short of a disgrace, Joe. A disgrace!”

The Irish radio-listening public can be pretty quick to call Joe on 1850 715 815 [“eighteen fifty, seven-one-five, eight-one-five”] and let rip on Whine Line about how most things in Ireland are “a disgrace” or “nothing short of a disgrace”; he might have had a few extra callers this week.  Continue reading

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Jeremy Staunton: not only could he have been a contender, he should have been a champion. How Irish rugby failed one of the most talented players of his generation is still beyond me.

The Mole read an anecdote about Jeremy Staunton on a message board about four or five months ago, and it has stuck with him since: an Irish rugby fan was at Welford Road with his English Tigers fan mate for a Premiership game, and Staunton was introduced off the bench relatively early in the match. “Great, Staunton,” the Tigers fans said to his mate, “no more tries.” Continue reading

The Dagger Sticks It To Gorgeous George

Eddie O’Sullivan felt that Nick ‘Gorgeous George’ Mallett was a touch graceless following the Italians’ eventual victory over his brave Eagles. The Mole was never an Eddie-basher, and he’s delighted to see the Dagger stick one into Nick Mallett. Continue reading

A Decade Of Six Nations And They Put You On The Day Shift

A decade worth of Six Nations tournaments under two coaches for Ireland, and what have you got? Some kack-handed analysis of the most basis of statistics, that’s what. Hooray!
Continue reading

Paddy Wallace: All The Touring Gear In The World

Same Amount of World Cups as ROG and Paulie, Biy!I’m a Paddy Wallace fan in that I disagree with the amount of abuse he gets. That’s not actually true – I like how Wallace plays, because he’s a smashing footballer and a brave if undersized defender. His recent appearance at outhalf for an Ireland Select XV against Connacht showed that he’s still a great distributor and can run a mean backline. With that said, even those keen Wallackamaniaks [that’s what we’re called] amongst us may have forgotten that this will be Paddy’s third Rugby World Cup. Continue reading

Ireland vs England Reaction, Episode 2: The Payoff of Being Seen to Avoid Eddie O’Sullivan’s Bearpit

August 2007 in Ravenhill and Declan Kidney is struck by a precognition of the future four years from now.

Such an arduous selection of warm-up games always had the potential of throwing some injury spanners into the selectorial works, but for the most part, Ireland’s initial medical reports were largely positive. Long-term sick-notes Jerry Flannery, Stephen Ferris, Rob Kearney and Geordan Murphy have all come through their rehab and out the other side, and it looked until this week that the sole trade-off would be the luckless Felix Jones. That has all changed with David Wallace’s most unfortunate injury. Continue reading