The Ballad of Marc Lievremont

The sorry end to a career of great service to French rugby

The Mole enjoyed a very good article on ESPN by Ian Moriarty about Marc Lievremontย  and his appalling relationship with the media/his players/the French public. Continue reading

The Team That Never Travelled: Part Four, The Halfbacks

In this installment of The Team That Never Travelled, we look at the scrum-halves and out-halves who could have made all the difference. Continue reading

Skrela Out, Doussain In; Whither Beauxis?

Tortured genius overlooked for versatile nipper

Confidence-drained David Skrela will not feature any further in France’s World Cup shambles campaign. The Clermont Auvergne-bound outhalf re-injured his shoulder against Japan, an injury that first flared up during the August match between France and Ireland in Dublin. Continue reading