The Big 46 [Sic] Pt.2 – Then Everything Is Wrapped Up In A Neat Little Package


The idea that test matches are a neat block of matches played at one level, with Heineken Cup games forming another distinct grouping a step down from that in intensity, speed, skill levels, physicality, time allowed in possession and tactical appreciation – and Pro12 matches a discrete block a further notch down from those Heineken Cup games – is one to which The Mole doesn’t subscribe. Continue reading

Match Preview: Ireland v Russia

There's a six in the morning? Sky Plus baby!

St Declan’s selection for this match indicates what the warm up matches were for and contrasts him with the witless Lièvremont. In many regards, this team is the one that played in Bordeaux against France and the changes are indicative of Kidney’s interpretation of his squad’s form. Continue reading