Match Preview: Ireland vs New Zealand @ Hamilton

Steve Hansen was right: New Zealand didn’t play that well in the Christchurch test. Some of that was forced on them by an aggressive, hard-nosed Irish performance, but they also made a number of unforced errors. Ireland didn’t perform cleverly or with the required level of concentration and aggression in a number of areas in the Auckland test [especially after the first half hour] and as a result handed New Zealand not just the result, but also the big performance. England caved in a similar way in Lansdowne Road in 2011, and let Ireland play close to their potential.  Continue reading

The Team That Never Travelled: Part Three, The Backrow

In the words of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan: “Oh. OH.” This morning’s underperformance by Zoolander Spies and Ben McCalman make Part 3 of The Team That Never Travelled particularly relevant. Continue reading