Precog: The Analysts’ Role In The Ireland vs Wales Game

Now that we have reached the point where the general public are being fed rugby stories every day as the third biggest world sports tournament reaches its climax, does the dedicated rugby follower have the expert answers for his or her work colleagues as the questions and comments are thrown? Continue reading

Match Preview: Wales vs Samoa

"This guy thinks he's going to win ... oh."

This game is huge, particularly for Wales. After running South Africa so close last week with a daring performance, a loss here would probably see them out of the World Cup at the same stage as Namibia. Continue reading

Match Preview: SA vs Wales

Matt Williams has been vocally suspicious of Taff hopes in recent days, and it’s pretty funny just how dismissive he is of them. However, one of the writers on the excellent ESPN has made the very valid point that the Welsh are coming into the tournament without the usual hoopla or barely-veiled truckload of acrimony that usually forms the body of their luggage. Continue reading