Dumper Dumps/Dumped – Part The Second

Declan Kidney giving the game away in a typically outspoken pre-match press conference. Somebody needs to put a zip on that guy's lip. He's all mouth.

Declan Kidney’s Rotund Shadow

Declan Kidney is basically George Smiley, firstly. Old Smiley has returned to prominence over the last year as a result of Tomas Alfredson’s cinematic reprise of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; Gary Oldman plays him a little on the reptilian side compared to Alec Guinness’ ‘Declan Kidney in a British Warm’ portrayal from the BBC series of the late 1970s, so it mightn’t leap out at you if you’ve neither read the book nor seen the Guinness version. A highpoint in broadcasting. Continue reading

I Can’t Think Of Any Job Where You Could Legitimately Watch This Without Fear Of Repercussion

This is pretty spectacularly NSFW, but it’s a personal favourite. I hear Dingo Deans has lined this lad up to give out the jerseys before the Italy game … and then to come back at halftime and convince the lads to “take the bacon home’,  just like “this chick that did the marathon … sometime in the eighties”.