Report Card: St Boshingtons First XV [England]

It's just hijinks, sir

While there’s no doubt that ill-discipline and off-field shenanigans were the defining features of England’s RWC11, an awful lot of ink has been spent documenting these misdeeds and scolding the bold boys of St Boshingtons First XV. Continue reading

Match Preview: England v Scotland

Scotland face into their final pool game with only the slimmest of hopes of eliminating England from the tournament and progressing to the quarter-final themselves. To do they will have to beat England and score more bonus points than them or simply win by more than 41 points, so unless Chris Paterson can find his Monsieur Cent Pour Cent form from the 2007 World Cup and England are penalised off the park, you would think that one would preclude the other. Continue reading