Shit Continually Hitting The Fan At St Boshingtons

Moodos threatened to skip the First XV photo for the annual!

More than six weeks after St Boshington’s School for Oversized Louts lost their last cup match, their report cards have finally arrived at parental homes. If the English rugby public are not disgruntled by this stage, they’re a long, long way from gruntled.  Continue reading

Armitage Shanks Paterson; One Week Hard Labour

I ain't done nuffink.

Delon ‘Felon’ Armitage, who’d have to rank pretty close to the top of the Mole’s list of most disliked pro rugby players [if such a list existed … which it does, if only informally], has been up before the beaks and banned for just one week for his high and late hit on Scottish fullback Chris Paterson. Continue reading

Match Review: England vs Georgia

No wonder that Georgian lad tried to break his arm at the end of it

The Mole was in Bordeaux four years ago when the French neutrals got behind a Georgian team threatening to upset Ireland in the group stages. All you could hear in the velodrome that night was “Georgie! Georgie! Georgie!” Continue reading