You want me to explain to someone what it is I do?

The Mole is a big fan of Newstalk’s Off the Ball, which brings Dexy’s to the airwaves on a regular basis to discuss “ebb and flow of psychic energy” and other phantasmagorical commentary that you can only see properly on the radio. Continue reading

McLaughlin Makes Two Interesting Calls


The Ulster game against Aironi is pretty hard to get excited about. Aironi are a fairly brutal team, pinned to the bottom of the Pro 12 table; it’s all so different from last year, when they were pinned to the bottom of the Magners League table.  Continue reading

Shit Continually Hitting The Fan At St Boshingtons

Moodos threatened to skip the First XV photo for the annual!

More than six weeks after St Boshington’s School for Oversized Louts lost their last cup match, their report cards have finally arrived at parental homes. If the English rugby public are not disgruntled by this stage, they’re a long, long way from gruntled.  Continue reading