Armitage Shanks Paterson; One Week Hard Labour

I ain't done nuffink.

Delon ‘Felon’ Armitage, who’d have to rank pretty close to the top of the Mole’s list of most disliked pro rugby players [if such a list existed … which it does, if only informally], has been up before the beaks and banned for just one week for his high and late hit on Scottish fullback Chris Paterson.

For more infomation, read the top quality ESPN instead of this inaccurate and scurrilous gossip site. For those of you who fancy a bit of a hissy fit though …

A Georgian player, Lekso Gugava, got banned for five weeks on the same day for a ‘tip-tackle’ on Argentine legend Felipe Contepomi in a match that occurred within hours of Armitage’s high tackle … and in the same group, to boot. The Mole didn’t see the incident [he’s just like Arsene Wenger] but the disparity in the sentences is both fishy and expected.

Armitage has a record as long as my arm, and is a career cheapshot merchant. Obviously in the recent past there has been the three-week ban for his blindside punch on Steven Myler [see below], but he’s an equal opportunities toerag: he also assaults people off the pitch, like the hapless drug-tester he pushed and got an eight week ban for that meant he missed the Six Nations.Then there was the late hit on Brian O’Driscoll in the 2009 Six Nations match between Ireland and England … you get the picture.

Felon had already been banned from rugby for eleven weeks of a possible thirty-seven this year; this makes it twelve. When it comes to his career in professional rugby, his behaviour, both on and off the pitch, is nothing short of appalling. How the beak could mitigate his sentence – bringing it below the lowest advised sanction – is absolutely mindblowing. Leaping atop his moral Shetland pony, the Mole is going to go the route of reactionaries worldwide and ‘call it like I see it’: a crazy, p*ss-poor decision. It’s the rich what gets the gravy, and the poor – in this case the poor Georgian – what gets the blame.

4 thoughts on “Armitage Shanks Paterson; One Week Hard Labour

  1. He got away in the smoke a bit with a one week ban, all things considered. The ballgate thing though was something else. Neil Francis had an interesting piece on it in the indo yesterday. When you consider the boy who cried “gouge” (did healy suffer because of haskell’s incorrect claim?) and the bull crap shit that Steve Thompson was at against.the.great ledesma – kissing him and then taunting him with “he’s a legend” you’d have to say England have let themselves down very badly.

  2. Can you publish that list of disliked players? I want to see if mine matches yours. Top of mine is James Haskell. Sione Lauaki’s in there too. Adam Byrnes. Now that I think of it, I think I just hate “hard men” who aren’t all that hard.

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