Name that Tune

At this stage of his life, Mole can’t hear God Defend New Zealand without automatically thinking of porridge and coffee. After three and a half weeks of early morning choir singing, Mole would like to know which of the anthems was your favourite. Your prize will be drunk by the Mole next weekend. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Name that Tune

  1. Read that post egg chaser and enjoyed it as always but can’t leave a comment from the android. I actually like flower of Scotland, though interestingly it is not an official anthem. They had a thing in Scottish parliament not that long ago to try and get it sorted but i don’t think they got it done. I do laugh at the tae think again bit. Basically f**k off Ye English f*****s translated into that rarest of dialects….sober Scottish.

    Every time I hear the French national anthem I think of father Jack jumping up and getting the room to salute. Thankfully lichtenstein aren’t at the world cup. Theirs is thoroughly unimaginative. I think its basically the tune of god save our gracious (niall) Quinn. And we think we are a confused people about our national identity-jeez! Johnny cash’s raggity old flag is worth a listen for American cheese, if you like the dead’s version of their anthem.

    The best? The Welsh anthem is hard to beat in truth, although hopefully a certain anthem of the Irish rugby supporters will be sung louder this weekend….ole ole ole ole!

  2. You have to love the Russian/ex-Soviet anthem. Makes me want to march in unison and work in the collectivised fields, you capitalist pig dogs!

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