Felon Appears In Kangaroo Court: Not A Shocker

Delon ‘Felon’ Armitage is back in front of the beaks again.

Regular readers of the Mole will know that Felon is no favourite of the organ. It’s doubtful whether he is even anybody’s favourite Armitage – it’s hard not to root for Professor Klump-lookalike Steffon Armitage, the fattest open side in world rugby.

This time around, Felon has outdone himself in his unsportsmanlike endeavours: he has been cited for two separate incidents in the same match. Hanging’s too good for him … it’s the only language they understand etc.

Really though, you look down this guy’s record and you see somebody with a history of cheap-shots, late hits, punches to downed players … he seems like the biggest assh*le in the professional game. He must be an absolute nightmare to train with, never mind manage. It’s plausible, such is the risible status of the RFU – and specifically their kangaroo courts when it comes to disciplining cited English internationals – that he’ll get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

However, there’ll be one vindictive internet guff-merchant who’d be particularly pleased to see the beaks throw the book at him and give him some serious time off to cool his heels.

2 thoughts on “Felon Appears In Kangaroo Court: Not A Shocker

  1. The Rugby Club boys stuck the boot in this week, good and proper. The excellent Dean Ryan summed it up when he said that if you have a seven who plays on the edge and throws himself around, you can build a team around him, when its a fullback it does no such thing. Its always obvious, always gets caught and it never emotionally lifts the team.

    Even that most sympathetic interpretation a on dirty player cannot find reasons for Delon to be such a dick!

  2. I’m patiently waiting until he tries that sort of thing with the likes of Bakkies Botha, then we can all sit back & savor the “lesson”.

    Courney Lawes is another player who should be very wary of the Big Wheel Syndrome.

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