Still Got It … Dexy’s, That Is

Big Bad Brad Carnegie Thorn: they don't get much All Blacker than this guy, the spiritual successor to Richard 'Tiny' White and Colin 'Pinetree' Meads.

There’s an absolutely cracking interview by Dexy’s in this morning’s Irish Times with Brad Thorn. Thorn probably doesn’t transcend rugby like Jonah Lomu did, but inside the sport he has earned as much respect and admiration as anybody who has played the game in the professional era. What a hero!

2 thoughts on “Still Got It … Dexy’s, That Is

  1. Here here Mole. Thorn’s rugby CV is beyond belief and now he’s only one game away from adding a Heineken Cup to the list. Pity there wasn’t any discussion in the article about his favourite matches or players – given that he’s shared a dressingroom with some of the best players either code have produced in the last 20 years (Alfie Langer,Steve Renouf, Lockyer, Civoniceva, Tallis through to McCaw, Carter, O’Driscoll etc.) would have really enjoyed some of that insight.

    • Great point. The guy has played with or against pretty much everybody – I think he might have even caught the tail-end of Mal Meninga’s career! Fair play to Thornley for getting a good bit of the league history in as well … it’s not a big sport over here, but it’s a huge part of the Brad Thorn story.

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