Nothing Better Than Being A Schoolboy Legend

Schools Cups in all four provinces have kicked off in earnest. There’s no doubt that – like every year – there are some talented nippers out there running about in the cold and trying to put off studying for their Leaving Cert for as long as possible. They’ll have to go some way to put together a highlight reel like this  though!

4 thoughts on “Nothing Better Than Being A Schoolboy Legend

  1. I moved to Sydney about 8 years ago and became friends with a St. Joseph’s old boy who told me that there was an aboriginal kid playing for the school first XV who had to be seen to be believed. I went out to Hunters Hill to watch Joeys against Sydney Boys High – and the fervour for schools rugby in Sydney is remarkably similar to that in Dublin – and from that game alone you could have had a 5 minute youtube clip. He ran in individual tries off lineouts in his own 22, including one where he crabbed across field and just ran around the far side winger, completely burning the kid. His acceleration was extraordinary and something they didn’t show was that he used to hit pretty hard too- just a really tough leaguie. The GPS schools in Sydney could do worse than go out to Penrith and Mount Druitt and sign up a raft of talented, underprivileged islander and aboriginal kids. Within a generation rugger might no longer be seen in Australia as the sole preserve of the entitled with a sprinkling of first and second generation Polynesians/Melanesians.

    Any chance you could stick up a youtube clip of Terenure beating ‘Rock (winks).

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