Overpaid, over-sexed, over here.

Teichmann and Jones reliving their Tarf and Crescent days

Irish rugby has hosted some great talent through the years. Here’s the Mole’s selection of overseas XVs from the professional and amateur era.

  1. Steve McDowell (Old Belvo)
  2. Warren Gatland (Galwegians)
  3. Mark Allen (Shannon)
  4. Brent Anderson (Garryowen)
  5. Ian Jones (Old Crescent)
  6. Mike Brewer (Blackrock)
  7. Dean Oswald (Blackrock)
  8. Gary Teichman (Clontarf)
  9. Kevin Putt (Terenure)
  10. Naas Botha (Lansdowne)
  11. Lloyd Walker (Wanderers)
  12. Andrew Slack (Wanderers)
  13. Pieter Muller (Greystones)
  14. Ian Williams (Bective) – ?
  15. Pat Howard (Wanderers)

Not sure about Ian Williams and had to move Pat Howard to full back as back three was a bit skinny. Is anyone missing here? Notable exclusions include Brent Pope, John Mitchell, Bruce Deans, Glen Jackson and Steve Bachop. And from the professional era:

  1. Ollie le Roux
  2. Richardt Strauss
  3. Robbie Kempson
  4. Nathan Hines
  5. John Langford
  6. Rocky Elsom
  7. Andy Ward
  8. Jim Williams
  9. Ruan Pienaar
  10. Felipe Contepomi
  11. Isa Nacewa
  12. Trevor Halstead
  13. Rua Tipoki
  14. Dougie Howlett
  15. Chris Cullen

Comments, as always, are welcome and encouraged.

4 thoughts on “Overpaid, over-sexed, over here.

  1. Not sure which era he’d be properly placed in, but didn’t Jonathan Davies Mk.1 play for – well, sign for at any rate – Lansdowne in his dotage?

  2. I know two of the players from the amateur era, and I only know them as coaches!!

    Hard to argue with the pro-era team. Might rest and digest on it for a bit, see who I can think of.

  3. A more serious suggestion than Davies; how about Martin Leslie to join his Clontarf clubmate Gary T in the amateurs’ back-row?

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