It’s Beatlemania All Over Again

Classic Dexy's!

DMRC goes into classic fanzine-mode when describing the recent form of O’Connell and O’Gara for Munster in the Heineken Cup:

“… no less than the leadership of O’Connell and O’Gara – each of whom has been in vintage form, whether as Superman/Enforcer or ice-cool quarterback/match winner extraordinaire – McGahan concedes he has been blessed not only with their winning mentality on match day but their leadership throughout the week.” 

6 thoughts on “It’s Beatlemania All Over Again

  1. Either lazy journalism from Thornley or he’s believing what the gimlet-eyed feckers are spinning him:
    “For one of the world’s leading brand names (the only other team on the planet kitted by Adidas are the world champions)”
    Off the top of my head I can think of Argentina, Stade Francais, The Aukland Blues and the Crusaders and there are doubtless a few more.

  2. Reminds Sandpiper of a comment by Garry Kasparov: “In chess, the rules are fixed, but the outcome is unpredictable; in politics in Putin’s Russia, the rules are unpredictable, but the outcome is fixed” – which side was the LAPD on when the Beatles came to town?

  3. Don’t want to start annoying a tiger, but Jees lads you’re getting as critical as west country Pete! Gerry of thornley, lord of the scribes is how I like to refer to him, an acronym that lends itself much more to his Swiss toni / des lynam persona. Anyways, I don’t want to be messing and then for it to come across as malicious, so i will stop that there….the fella is a top writer who has written a fairly see through piece encouraging munster fans to support their coach – fair enough position to take really. The stuff about o’gara / o’connell….if there’s an issue with credit being put their way, then – to paraphrase robert (not burns) – me thinks you don’t blog about the blue the way you do for the red.

    I haven’t been an admirer up to now, but today was another sizeable success for the munster coaching ticket and they have wiped the floor with their scarlets counterparts over the 2 games. Today their early fakes to go to maul from lineout were very clever and then for the try they didn’t fake. Lanelli didn’t know where to defend and it was a try before they knew what was going on. When you compare where both sets of players were prior to this double header, there have been a few heavy psychological blows landed on the welsh lads.

  4. I thought that was some gentle, gentle poking, Paddy O – one sentence, and the worst of it describing his ‘classic fanzine’ prose!

    For the most part, we let the ball do the work …

    • Aye I’ve maybe been a bit on the harsh side there. Don’t want to be a fawning, nodding dog, yes man to you all the bloody time! Enjoy the writing man, fair play to you

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