It’s Critical Down West Country

Shaun Edwards has written some interesting articles in the past, and it’s relatively rare that a current coach of his stature in the game writes a column, so The Mole always has a read. This one is pretty half-hearted, unfortunately: the only reason we’ve linked to this classic example of a space-filler is because of the comment from one ‘WestCountry Pete’, transcribed below:

“I was expecting, no, anticipating a whole lot better. Paragraph 9 (in particular) makes no sense at all. So we start with an ‘elixir’ in para 8, which is tribalism, then it becomes the x factor and it is measured in spades.

Rubbish writing.”

3 thoughts on “It’s Critical Down West Country

  1. MichaelVaughMyLord has a good point too “Anyone else remember Shaun confidently predicting no French quarter-finalists this year?”

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