7 thoughts on “Again!

  1. Fair focks, would be my basic attitude.

    Could any other current international 10 do that? I’m not sure. Wilko in 03 form in his sleep, but now? DC? We’ve, or at least I’ve, never seen him need to drop goals like that.

    If we look through the history books Jannie de Beer is an obvious candidate.

  2. Have to agree Tate, fair fix. Others….David Humphries could drop a goal too, think he dropped a good few the year ulster won it. Rob Andrew maybe? Dominguez? Stephen larkham hit a pretty brilliant one at a world cup and Joel stransky did too. 7s players are brilliant at them, Ben gollings particularly springs to mind. The confident way o’gara hit that one yesterday though, you’d have to say he’s kicking them as much with his head as his boot at the minute.

    Wouldn’t rule out priestland having the ability to do that too. Certainly he gets better height in his re-starts. The mental is as yet untested, but looks the real deal….a big, running, tackling, youthful imitation of ogara – frightening. Sexton could, the kick with gorgodze making faces at him was reminiscent of ogara way back against (I think) saracens. They tried to charge down a penalty, a young rog had to re-set and bang it over to get a 1 point win. The conviction in the kick made me think this dude has the minerals. Got the same feeling from johnny last week. There’s little to suggest DC coulda done it, although he probably would’ve worked a try long before! Merthens maybe. Morne? That’s the height of it for me. Whatever sky pay for the heino cup, its not enough.

    • Rog shouldn’t forget the work of his team though to allow him to do it and the protection from chasers (and in general) that they give him. You’d also have to say o’leary’s left-handed pass was a cut above any pass I’ve seen from him before.

      Munster were vulnerable pre northampton, but they are strengthening. Scarlets looked exceptional on Friday night though. Mole you were very right about Ben Morgan, super player.

      • Ah I forgot “the mental” – ROG definitely has it. The Off the Ball lads pointed out on twitter just how far the ball actually travelled on each kick. Both times it cleared the deadball line, which for 40m droppers is not bad at all.

        So we have Morne, ROG and J-10 of current players. Priestland has the hallmarks of a player going to go on to great things. He certainly has a better mental than Jones who despite his massive points and caps tally strikes me as a guy who would rather not have that responsibility.

        From the history books I nominate Zinzanne Brooke and Matt Dunning.

  3. Forgot about dunning! Classic stuff Tate. Zinzan had some neck on him! Don’t recall John eales ever having a go at one surprisingly

  4. The further we get away from John Eales’ playing days, the more unlikely his accomplishments seem. Victor Matfield for many years has been the most outstandingly skillful second-row in world rugby, but he never did this:

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