Match Preview: Argentina v Scotland

Pool B comes to the big screen

This game is almost pure cup match. If Argentina lose, they are going home. If Scotland lose, they must beat England next up and see how the permutations work out.

This was a dreadful match in 2007 so here’s hoping that Sunday morning’s fare is more entertaining although given what’s at stake, compelling will do. The selections present a contrast. Argentina have decided to pick Felipe despite his rib injury. Physician, heal thyself! Otherwise, it’s as you were for previous games. Andy Robinson, Mole’s choice for the best coach in the competition, has selected a tactical team. There’s little to be gained from going toe to toe with Argentina, particularly as Euan Murray is absent. Instead, Flinty Robinson has picked a team with a running out half and a proper openside. Expect Scotland to have a cut.

Argentina are two point favourites for this game but Scotland are cohesive and well coached. They’re also on a five game winning streak and beat Argentina in Argentina twice last year. Not many teams do that. Mole’s crystal ball forecast the Jocks to progress to the quarters and is not changing in midstream.

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