Speed Kills

We heard about this guy a few weeks ago but hadn’t seen footage until now. This is what the Olympics will do for a sport!

Rugby Mag cover his conversion in greater depth. Aspen coach Andy Katoa, quoted in the article, is himself a cross over player. He was picked in Round 9 of the 1991 draft by the San Diego Chargers. Brett Favre went in Round 2 that year!

21 thoughts on “Speed Kills

  1. Actually he’s not going to be much against a 15-man defense, is he? Still, got to love the in-goal feinting. More of that, please!

  2. It makes me wonder how fast Caucau was over 100 meters. It also makes me sad thinking we’ll likely never see the like of him again.

    Anyway, Carlin Isles, hope he makes it to the Olympics, he’d be a great advertisement for the sport.

  3. Grand in 7’s but 15’s is different story altogether. Very fast all the same though. His 100 metres is 10.13; the closest I can think of to that is Bryan Habana @ 10.20 and Ugo Monye at 10.51…
    Shocking hands though.

  4. Those Habana and Monye times are complete rubbish.

    Isles’ 10.13 was also wind assisted 10.24 is his “normal” time. Still incredibly fast of course.

    • Well the Habana one I remember came under a lot of scepticism when it started being bated around a few years back so I can’t argue that. The Monye one however is true, albeit when he was a youngster in school. That said I think it’s okay to compare those times to Isles as Carlin has only just become a 7’s player. If he’s to take the crown of “fastest ever rugby player” I think it’s only just to put his times against those obtained when the other players physique was not that of a 15’s.

      Let’s call a spade a spade here, 7’s ain’t 15’s.

      • Watching the run-in to last years NFL draft I came across this guy called Cody Pearcy. Went as an undrafted free agent to thenFalcons but got cut. Remember thinking he’d be a great crossover player for 7s. Small like Isles but frighteningly quick. His draft workout video is here

    • I thought I heard something about Mal O’Kelly looking after a 7’s program in anticipation of the Olympics. Possibly based in Galway somewhere. Can’t remember where I heard that though…

      • Aye but considering that the IRFU covers two legal jurisdictions (North and South) while the Irish Olympic Sevens team will be just those who are entitled to citizenship of the Irish republic, I hope the IRFU is not administering it and it is being left to the Olympic committee to sort it out themselves.

      • Aye but those boxers represent the Republic of Ireland, not the island of Ireland. I assume the 7’s team will play under the tricolour with the Soldier Song as its anthem which probably won’t be suitable for at least some nordie boys who will choose to represent the GB team instead and for that reason, I hope the IRFU doesn’t get involved – one of the best parts of Irish rugby is the lack of green-orange politics.

    • Well, that’s not actually true at all. Nordie boxers routinely represent Ireland at the Olympics, McIlroy is in two minds but eligible either way.

      • Damn right, the last thing Ireland should ever do is present an “Eire”/”The Republic” 7s team at the Olympics. I’d rather we sent no team at all (and let’s be honest our 7s team will only be making up the numbers anyway) than support that.

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