4 thoughts on “Baabaas vs Ireland XV Highlights

  1. Seemingly a good attacking performance by Gilroy, though he did only make a fool of Iain Balshaw, a man who often togs out with jester’s bells in place of a scrum-cap. Not so enamoured of his defence for Van Zyl’s try.

    Is Brett Wilkinson another duff project player? He was mince for the Wolfhounds, and all reports from the BaaBaas game were not encouraging. Is he Ireland’s Matt Stevens, but without the decorative drug-dependency?

    • Yeah, thought Gilroy’s defense wasn’t great for the first one either – positioning rather than effort.

      Sort of surprised that Wilkinson isn’t stepping up, most of the times I’ve seen him in Connacht colours he has looked solid. Not everyone explodes on to the international scene with a bang, he might just need more time with his new front row colleagues.

  2. No surprise they scored early doors with Ireland putting 4v2 on the blindside (and DH miles offside to boot!)

    Lovely little late line from Heymans to hold Gilroy for Balshaws one.

    Gilroys did well for Earls’ try, going from full pace to zero, stepping Balshaw and off again- Muldoon also did his best to botch it up for Keet! And WTF is Zebo at for VanZyls one, turns his back and gets in Gilroys way! Took his own try well after quick hands from Radge, flat pass holding 3 defenders (all of whom shoulda known Radge was NEVER gonna go himself!!)

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