Delon The Felon


Delon the Felon and Danny "I don't" Care on the run from the law with an unidentified member of the V Gang

Delon Armitage has been expelled from St Boshington’s for fighting.

New headmaster Stuart “It’s Grim Up North” Lancaster has put Delon in the naughty corner, with a possible stint in detention to follow. The outbreak of bolshiness that has accompanied the introduction of the new headmaster could be described as “boundary-testing” – or it could equally succinctly be described as common knobbery – but while former principal Johnno “Johnno” Johnson took a “boys will be boys” approach to his pupils’ mischievous hijinks, Mr. Lancaster is a strict disciplinarian and has now banned two boys from games; young Danny Care was earlier suspended from rugger practice for having a bit too much fizzy pop!

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