Beetle-browed Beadle Bids Bye-Bye

Martin ‘Johno’ Johnson has resigned as England Manager.

For more information, click the link that spirits you away to ESPN

Johnson took England to their first 6N Championship since 2003, and oversaw them winning all their group matches in the World Cup. They were only knocked out in the quarter-finals by a team who came incredibly close to winning the whole thing.

Declan Kidney took Ireland to third in the Six Nations this time around and lost all four of the World Cup warm-up matches. Ireland won all their group matches in the tournament and got beaten by a team who lost the resulting semi-final and then lost the third place play-off.

Why does one feel the need to resign?

This is not an attack on Kidney, whom the Mole thought did a very good job [for the most part] during the World Cup.

Rather, it just goes to show that while it is often said that results are the only thing that matter in international rugby, that’s not really true. One can only speculate, but it seems likely that Johnson called time on himself because of the furore that surrounded the on-and-off-pitch shenanigans of his team.

If England had been perfectly behaved, had won over their hosts with their politeness and their availability – and had still lost to France in the QF – would Johnson have left? It seems unlikely to me. Why has his resignation only come now? Most likely because he was informed that he was going to be pushed if he didn’t jump.

1 thought on “Beetle-browed Beadle Bids Bye-Bye

  1. Anyone any idea what Rob Andrew does in the RFU and why he is still there when it seems like the place is falling apart and they failing to capitalise on their huge player base?

    Coaches seem to be leaving, but if Andrew is in charge of appointing them surely he should be leave.

    Also, with Eddie the Eagle after leaving the Eagles coming home to consider some “interesting enquiries” (his managers words, not mine) could we see the ultimate coaching show down – EOS against DK! Thank Bod we’re not playing in Croker Park any more, it would be too much to have to dust off the Civil War as well as the War of Independence.

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