Go On Then, Gizza Job

Yozzer Sean Edward’s column in the Grauniad makes for rib-tickling reading. 

Far be it from the Mole to pout about other people’s wild opinions; he’s not exactly bereft of them himself [viz the entire blog]. However, picking holes in journalists’ badly thought-through or transparently biased articles is what we do best here at Mole Towers … well, that and spelling mistakes. We’re working towards a black belt in mangled syntax as well, but that’s a tale of woe for another story.

Trawling through this article would seem to provide ample evidence that Sean’s job-hunt isn’t going as well as hoped. I’ve little doubt that he imagined the RFU would leap at the chance to sign him up following his very successful contribution to Wales’ excellent World Cup campaign and his exit from Wasps, but it hasn’t quite gone according to plan.

Maybe it’s me projecting, or maybe the RFU haven’t quite forgotten how he allegedly headbutted a fellow coach earlier this year. Hmmm.

Anyway, Sean is obviously casting around for good favor, because he predicts a fairly storming campaign for the English teams in this year’s Heineken Cup. Apparently four out of the six groups will be won by English teams, and another English team will qualify as best runners-up. Maybe this will happen – who’s to say? Here’s a rather bold prediction, though:

“Harlequins will have gained the momentum for the pre-Christmas double-header against Toulouse and … this is one of those rare years when the four-times winners don’t get to the quarter-finals.”

In the words of the late Jimmy Saville, “Now then, now then, now then.” That is some big talk. The Mole is going to make his rebuttal through a simple game called “Sean Edwards, You Are Having A Laugh”.

Just a simple comparison between the teams. No more.

I’ve been generous in awarding Nick Easter the head-to-head against wither Picamoles or Sowerby, and equally so in giving Fa’asavalu the nod over Nyanga/Bouilhou. Toulouse have both a far better team, a far deeper squad, and a far better history of performance in this competition than Dirty Leeds Harlequins. If Harlequins squeak through ahead of them I’ll be shocked.



2 thoughts on “Go On Then, Gizza Job

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  2. Ah Hans moleman. Your modesty about your writing/grammar etc is a bit false me thinks. You are trying to do a deccie, but lack his sincerity! You know you are good we know you are good we know you know you’re good and now you know we know you know you’re good. My test now is to figure that statement out using the appropriate commas. I jest (badly) mole. The quality of your stuff lately has been from the top drawer – the montpellier article near had me supporting the geofrargijans. More importantly to me – you are prolific. Enjoying the stuff and ditto WoC – but being android friendly, you alone have to listen to all my drivel.

    On the article, yeah this is just Edwards trying to ratchet up the pressure on the rfu. He clearly wants the England gig badly. But would he work under johnno? Would johnno work with him? do the rfu want johnno at all? What about the rest of johnno’s coaching ticket? Would Edwards take on the top job or would he want a scapegoat, sorry head coach with him? His article had more to do with himself than harlequins or the English clubs. Funnily, even despite last night I think quins have a reasonable chance of a best 2nd place spot, although this might be dependent on good showings from Italian and Scottish teams and gloucester wont be a cake walk. I have more of a feeling that northampton and/or leicester could struggle. Just looking at Ashton – who you have to admit is a very exciting player – he seems to have lost a bit of joie de vie since tuilagi knocked his pan in. Aironi away could be fairly hard to break opposition today too, for a team trying to gel so many world cup players back in. I’m prepared to be very embarrassed by those pre cog predictions and am half expecting Colin Farrell to burst in and arrest me for writing that. Anyway, a long day with a hangover and Stuey Barnes ahead.

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