I Just Called to Say…

So, if this works, how do you want to share the credit?

A phone rings, somewhere in the south of France

<tchtch-ing, tchtch-ingg; tchtch-ing, tchtch-ingg> (cash register style)

Matt: G’day?
Dingo: Uh, hi Matt, it’s Dingo here.
Matt: Who?
Dingo: Dingo. Dingo Deans. Emm, listen Matt, the last time we talked, I might have said some things i shouldn’t have…
Matt: I’m listening.
Dingo:…and I’ve been doing some thinking while I’ve been away…
Matt: Yes, go on
Dingo: …a few things have changed in the last week…
Matt: Just go ahead and ask mate, I know what my answer is, just ask the question!
Dingo: Do you have a number for Morgan Turinui? We’re screwed in midfield.
Matt: Aw, f*ck off, mate

<hangs up, sidesteps to avoid tackle, scores under the posts>

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