George Smith and RWC11

George Smith with his most recent John Eales Medal

Interesting broadcast from Australia’s ABC Grandstand Sport, in which ex-Wallaby coach Eddie Jones, now coach of the epically-named Suntory Sungoliaths, talks about Dingo Deans and why George Smith isn’t at the World Cup … and if he soon will be.

Interesting stuff. It would seem to me [from outside the tent] that Dingo Deans has either consciously or unconsciously alienated quite a number of senior players – Giteau, Mortlock, Smith, Sharpe – who between the four of them have almost 400 international caps and the John Eales Medals from 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Gits might well be called into the squad in light of the horrific injury list the Wobblies have compiled, but Deans’ preference for the ordinary Ben McCalman over a second openside has already bit him in the ass, and may well do it again.

2 thoughts on “George Smith and RWC11

  1. Giteau openly questioned Deans in front of the rest of the squad on more than one occasion, so Robbie couldn’t wait to drop him. And Barnes- Footballer’s Migraine or not- is better for that 2nd Five position than Gits anyway.

    Mortlock has lost all the pace he once had and is focused on his post rugby career in finance in Melbourne. The only way he would have gone to the World Cup was if he was a guaranteed starter.

    Smith is still the second best openside in Australian rugby but again, Dingo has had difficulty with him. George made his debut under Rod McQueen and his ARU contracts ever since reputedly bore all the hallmarks of Rod’s management style- individual responsibilty for players, including the ability to pick and choose when they trained.

    Sharpe is an interesting one. Deans dropped him for a European tour a few seasons ago and he came back firing in Super Rugby. He has been one of the best Australian forwards over the past few seasons. However, if it’s a shoot out between him and Vickerman for the middle of the line spot the latter will win out most times on account of his meanness and brute physicality.

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