Gossip From The Mart: The Fergburger Chronicles

Wait'll you hear what somebody told me in Fergburger last night ...


“The Irish media hotel is as close to the town centre as The Berkeley Court to Lans- downe. That fact did not stop one Irish photographer from getting a taxi home the other evening, which led to the following, mortifying chat with the bemused driver. “Howya, the Copthorne Hotel. Jeez, it’s cold out there, so are you busy tonight … oh, we’re here. Can I get a receipt please?”

Phenomenal stuff. Revealing, incisive, devastatingly witty … why can’t every paper be the Indo?

For more white-hot journalism, check out http://www.independent.ie/sport/rugby/world-cup/small-world-for-redfaced-snapper-2868590.html

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