Gossip From The Mart

Wait'll You Hear What Somebody Told Me In Coppers ...

Priceless comments from Gamblor and celebrity-confidant-to-the-stars Farmer Farrelly in today’s Gossip From The Mart.

‘”The Six Nations couldn’t have gone much better from my point of view, in terms of the Italy game, we should have beaten France, Sean (Cronin) was unlucky to drop that ball. The Scotland game went well, Wales was alright for 50 minutes — we were still winning then, not that I’m washing my hands of it (the loss).”

He came off the bench to sneak Ireland home against Italy, came on to haul the side back into a position where they could have beat France and was going well when substituted in Cardiff before the Welsh fought back to secure a contentious win.’


Really? I’m surprised you forgot to mention when he cleansed the leppers and raised Lazarus from the dead.

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